New Release – The Dragon Crew!

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After seeing the success of her friend Carrington’s Jamaican lemonade stand, Jazmine opens her own Texas sweet tea stand across the street. As a result of a misunderstanding, the two friends stop speaking to each other. Noticing that the relationship is rocky, their best buddy Marie tries to come up with a creative way to renew their friendship and bring the crew back together again.

About the Author.


Baltimore native Maurice T. Williams is a U.S. Army veteran and a proud HBCU graduate of Texas Southern University who enjoys the art of storytelling. When not authoring multicultural children’s books and crafting original screenplays in his Los Angeles home, Mr. Williams assists other writers with turning their dreams into a reality through his publishing company             Butterscotch Memoirs, LLC.

Cherish the Love by Mildred K. Simpson – New Release!

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Butterscotch Memoirs is proud to announce the new release of the romance novel Cherish the Love. Authored by talented Baltimore native Mildred K. Simpson, Cherish the Love explores a world of mystery and intrigue faced by a loving, close-knit Christian family. As strange and       unusual events begin to unfold around them, the family must band together and rely on their faith to prevent everything from falling apart.

About the author.


Mildred K. Simpson is a retired administrator of the Baltimore City Health Department and a proud graduate of Towson University. Mildred is also a world traveler who currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.


The Bright Son

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The Bright Son explores the decision making process of young Thomas as he decides that being smart in school is no longer cool.

Recognizing the potential lifelong impact of this type of decision, Thomas’ father immediately gets involved to help his brilliant young son understand the importance of embracing his talents and blazing a path of excellence.

The Bully Detour


The team at Butterscotch Memoirs is proud to announce the release of The Bully Detour.

Focusing on the impact of childhood intimidation and harassment, The Bully Detour explores alternate ways of dealing with bullying.

When confronted on his way to school by a neighborhood bully and his gang, young Joey must decide how he will navigate the situation and make it to school on time unharmed. Joey will need to rely heavily on his instincts, along with the discipline and courage instilled in him by his loving father.

Vote for Butterscotch Memoirs in Chase’s Mission Main Street Grants

Vote for Butterscotch Memoirs in Chase’s Mission Main Street Grants

Mission: Main ST Grants

Mission: Main ST Grants

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Butterscotch Memoirs is competing to receive a small business grant from Chase and we could definitely use your support. Just a couple of clicks is all we need and we can move on to the next stage of the competition. In the event that we are awarded the generous grant, we plan to grow Butterscotch Memoirs across multiple national and international markets while continuing to support our local communities. As always, your support is greatly appreciated!

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20% Off All Publishing Packages In October

Butterscoth Memoirs - Publishing, Writing Services & Artistic Services

Butterscoth Memoirs – Publishing, Writing Services & Artistic Services

Just in time for the holidays! Butterscotch Memoirs is offering 20% off of all publishing packages October 1st thru the 31st. Take full advantage of the opportunity to bring your children’s literature, fiction, non fiction or poetry project to reality. The time is now and the decision is yours to make!